9 months old baby

Question: hello..My daughter is 9 months old..n now she is on semi solids alongwith breast milk. she is popping 4-5 times in a day...is this normal? motions as such are normal..

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Answer: I too have d same question anybody plz help
Answer: Its nrml.. My baby also doing same things
Answer: Yeah,its normal not to worry dear
Answer: It's normal no need to worry....
Answer: It's normal don't worry.
Answer: Same with my baby.
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Question: Reason for doing motions 4 to 5 times per day she is on formula milk. Is she teething now at 5month
Answer: Yes dear, it could be possible. If motion is not watery, no need to worry.
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Question: Hello my 17 months daughter not eating anything except milk 4 to 5 times 100ml in a day. She is not gaining any from 4 months. please suggest
Answer: Use ajwain ang jaggery mixture. I used it when my daughter was suffered from constipation when she was 10 months.
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Question: Hello mam i have twins one baby is totally depend on mothers milk she is not accepting any solids as thy r now 9 months old
Answer: As they are 9 months now, mother's milk will not provide all the nutrition. So u will have to try different ways to make her eat.
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Question: My 3 months old daughter is doing potty 3-4 times a day from past one week . She is on breast milk is it fine?.
Answer: Yes it is absolutely fine.. my daughter in first month used to pass potty 10 to 11 times daily..2 nd month 1 to 2 times daily..now 4th month she ll pass 2 to 3 times daily...Growing Babies keep changing thier schedule..u get adjusted to their schedule not only in potty matter be it any other thing..
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