10 months old baby

Question: Hello mommys ..my daughter is 10 month old and her weight is 7.4 kg. How I can increase her weight

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Answer: Give calorie rich foods and not try to increase the amount of food already giving.So u can try rice whith ghee,banana roasted in ghee becaouse ghees are calorie rich and helps in baby weight gain at healthy way.Also continue feeding.
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Question: Hello, my 3 year old daughter is 10 kg how should I improve her weight
Answer: Hi dear, if your baby is active then you should not worry too much. Here are few things you can do Always Adding ghee to his food and also boiled potato sometimes along with his lunch/dinner Powdered dry fruits to his porridge etc Fruit smoothies made with whole milk as an evening snack You can sometimes also add little bit fresh cream to it.. Offer him raisins, soaked figs as a mini snack
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Question: My daughter is 10 months 16 days old. Her weight is 8.1 kg. Is she under weight. How can I increase her weight.
Answer: Hello! As per her age the weight is fine and nothing to worry about. As long as the baby is active and achieving her milestones, there is nothing to worry about. However you can introduce the following super foods in the daily diet for the baby to gain weight. Sweet potato  Ragi  Broccoli  Moong dal  Full fat curd  Banana.  Apart from this always give fresh homemade food. Cook or add ghee in the food of your baby. Also you can start adding dry fruits powder in the porridge you serve to the baby.  Take care
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Question: My daughter is 6 yrs old, her weight is only 14 kg, how can I increase her weight
Answer: Give badam,pista.... black dry grapes daily......ghee,dhal,daily any one sundal,daily milk,curd rice,.... carrot juice with milk.... improve ur bby weight....
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Question: Hi mommys my daughter is now 6months old her weight 6kg ...how to weight gain
Answer: Hello dear, baby weight is OK as per 6 month so don't worry. Its time to start top food in your baby diet. , Its better to start with veggies/fruit purees  at a time, first start with veggies like squash,sweet potato.... and maybe later peas, carrots. Fruits u can try banana, apple,plums, peaches, pears....You can also mix these veggie/fruit purees with rice cereal.  Rice is gluten free and easier to digest than wheat....Grains/Cereals/Pulses: Oats, Barley, Rice, Semolina (Rava/Sooji), Split yellow gram (moong dal), whole green gram. Wheat can be introduced during the last week of 6th month. Don't give Non-Vegetarian foods till1 year.  Avoid giving cow’s milk as the main drink till your little one is 1 year old. Stick to breast milk or formula till then. Avoid sugar and salt from a 6 month old baby’s diet....Keep in mind that breast milk or formula should be the major part of a six-month-old baby’s diet. So breastfeed or bottle-feed first and then give him solid food. Take care ur little one....
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