2 months old baby

Question: Hello..my child use to sleep on sides instead of straight..is there any problem in that?

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Question: Is there any problem in sleeping straight on bed?
Answer: no in the first trimester up to your third or fourth month it is not mandatory for you to sleep on your sides. sleeping on the sides especially left increases the flow of blood to your baby and it avoid situations like the cord getting around the baby's neck ..it is always recommended to sleep on your side since you are only one month pregnant you can try to sleep maximum on your left butkeep practicing from now on so that you may find it easier in future months .. but it is quite compromisable to sleep on your back in the first trimester ..now it s ok for you to slepp straight ..try to practice from now on
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Question: Mam can i sleep straight mam.because my back are pain.it is any problem in child.
Answer: Never sleep on your back , apply some ointment in your back. Sleep on the left side, try to do those exercises which were suggested by your physiotherapist which can help you releive from back pain.
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Question: Is sleeping straight save in 3 month.... Because m not comfortable on d sides to sleep
Answer: Hello! During the first three months you can still sleep straight but after that it is not at all safe to sleep straight and you should sleep on the sides only. Take care
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