24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello my cervix length is 3.3 cm now I'm 23 weeks pregnant. My doctor suggested for stitches. Please suggest me

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Answer: Stiches is compulsory if your uterus mouth is open...and after stiches doctor suggested strictly bed rest until delivery due to preterm delivery or early miscaariage.
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Question: Hello doctor I am 6 months pregnant And my cervix length is 3.2 cm My doctor is suggesting me for stitches What I do...?
Answer: Hi dear at 22 weeks the cervix should be at least 3.5 if it is less than that then you have to put cervical stitches otherwise you will have an early delivery which is not good for your baby
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Question: Hi, I'm 19weeks pregnant and my cervix is 1mm open and cervix length 3.2 cm. Doctor suggested to do cervical stitches. I'm scared to do. Please suggest
Answer: Dear there is nothing to worry..you will not feel any pain as anesthesia will be given... Also after the stitches painkillers are given to minimize the pain... Telling you from the experience of my friend who underwent cervical stitch.. It is better to get it done to avoid complications dear.. Don't worry and go for it.. Take care
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Question: Im 23 weeks pregnant. My cervix length is 2.9 cm. Please tell me if there is any problem?
Answer: Hi to be Mom, cervix length anytime should be more than 2.5cm. yku should not lift weight and take it slow for a week, avoid physical stress and if possible take rest as much as you can, then check again after a week.
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