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Question: Hello! My bp is 130/90. Is it normal? I'm in 37th week.

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Answer: hiee what was your bp before you got pregnant? +- 10 fluctuation is fine. If it was 120 before pregnancy thn 130 is fine but if it was 110 then you should be concerned. You sholud check your bp regulalry. If possible eat less salty meals and keep drinking lots of water. Also ask your doctor.
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    Nandhini Vijendran805 days ago

    No itz nt normal talk to ur dr abt dis

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    Akriti Srivastava778 days ago

    Yes its perfectly normal

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    shaik afreen772 days ago

    Hi.. 120/90 is normal.. it shouldn't exceed this... Have control diet dear...

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    YATIN GHAI747 days ago

    Ys. It's nrml

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    Manoj Kumar732 days ago


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    A Shah731 days ago

    It is absolutely normal.. No need to worry..

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    azeez azeez706 days ago

    Send me no

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    pyati neha552 days ago

    Hii. If ur B.P cross 140/90 Dan it's better to consult Dr immediately. As ur in 37th week . Don't neglect

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    Srikanta Kumar Naik523 days ago


Answer: 130/90 is absolutely normal. Don't take stress for that matter, take less salty food, drink lots of water around 7-8 glasses, take 30 minutes walk daily, listen to calm music and make it hear to ur baby too, everything will be fine👍
Answer: Nothing to worry...be happy your bp will be normal...130/90 is also normal.... don't try to increase...eat less salt and pickles
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    Aradhana Haldankar774 days ago

    In pregnancy its not normal

Answer: Ur BP may varry from time to time ..so no need to worry...make sure that u did not get nervous thinking of ur labour pain....
Answer: Actually its not keep monitoring coz high bp leads eclampsia (high risk pregnancy)
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    Asha Mahesh719 days ago

    High risk pregnancy includes what

Answer: 130 is considerd as high.. but dnt wrry ..take rest and take it below 130...
Answer: No it is not normal BP consult your doctor advises
Answer: Yes this bp is normal dear.
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    M M804 days ago

    Kese use krte hai

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