23 months old baby

Question: Hello.. My boy eats soft food like mashed foods but normal foods he chew n throw away.. Suggest me ways to teach him self eating

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Question: My son doesn't like to have food... He doesn't chew the food he just swallows the food... What can I do to make him eat his food?
Answer: dear makeup story and tell your baby only explanation will work like if he doesn't bite it well then there are going to be more insects or germs in your stomach so if he bites it will he will digested properly anything story that is made up to make him bite well
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Question: My baby doesn't want to chew her food at all. She straight away gulps her food down whether it is mashed, or proper solid..so I have to unwillingly give her pureed food. What do I do so that she start chewing...I have tried everything from finger foods to soft rice, but still she doesn't chew.
Answer: Yes dear most babies have this issue..you must start giving tiny pieces of food Instead..dnt give too much else baby would try to gulp and have risk of chocking..show how to chew to baby...it takes some time..but stop pureed food..
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Question: Hello, My baby is 1 year old and he has 4 teeth but he doesn't chew food. How I can teach him to chew food.
Answer: There's only try to change the textures of the food and the baby will learn to chew. They can even chew with their gums they do not need teeth
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