39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello my blood group is bpositive and my hubbys blood group is also b+ve is their any problem in it....

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Question: My blood group is O+ve,and my husband blood group is B+ve is there any problem to my baby
Answer: You hv ABO incompatibility. It depends what group your baby gets..if baby is o +be, there will be no problem..but if baby is born b+ve, there are chances of jaundice in early few days of life. But u don't need to worry about it now.. even if baby gets jaundice, it will come down in a few days. Usually it won't cause complications
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Question: My blood group is b-ve and Rh-ve. Is there any problem?
Answer: husbands group should not be positive if it happens to be positive and you are already negative then anti d injections will be given in 28th or 34th week ask dr once and get the blood group tested.
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Question: My blood group is B -ve any problem with pregnancy
Answer: There won't be any problems with the type of blood group. Don't worry
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