7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello my beta hcg was 67mlu/ml in 5 weeks and after four days it reduced to 63.10 , is my pregnancy safe? Pls answer

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Answer: Dear of it is not doubling properly it means there is some prob in growth of baby.. May be you will suffer a misscarriage or missed abortion because beta hcg is decreasing.
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Question: Hi doctor my hcg beta was 4 ng/ml in a 5 weeks and after 2 days my hcg beta goes to was 8 ng/ml..what does it means??am I pregnant or not
Answer: Hi dear, Your beta HCG levels seems to be quite low.although it is increasing .it should double in every 2-3 days .so it has doubled.which is a good sign.once its reaches 25,only then the success of pregnancy could be noted.
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Question: My beta hcg is 18746 mlu/ml is that a healthy pregnancy in 6 weeks
Answer: It is just to know the HCG levels in ur pregnancy it doesn't says wether it's healthy pregnancy or not... however u start putting ur efforts and rest everything u will get to know in ur ultrasound scan and double marker test which will be done inbetween 10-13 weeks
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Question: my beta hcg has increased from 2254mIU/mL to 2673mIU/mL in two days....is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, Beta HCG levels should double in two to three days.that is the normal rise of pregnancy hormones.your seems to have increased very less.if you have any spotting issue or through scan any problem is been detected ,it could be due to the HCG levels.check with your doctor if the levels are ok based on your pregnancy period and if required she would precribe HCG injections.but it's better to consult with doctor and come to a conclusion.
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Question: My hcg is 25miu/ml m i pregnant???pls answer??
Answer: Seems to be low.. Value will increase every 48 hrs.. Please wait for another week and check..
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