6 months old baby

Question: Hello. My baby used to shiver at the tym of peeing . Is there some problem with him . Help is it normal ?

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Answer: hello dear whenever your baby is shivering try to hold him if he is stopping shivering upon your holding then it will go away on its own dear dont worry.. wait for your baby to progress in his age and if he is not stopping then you need to consult your doctor dear
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    Sheetal Makhija1208 days ago

    Thanku dear for yr suggestion.

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Question: Daily for 2 or 3 times my son used to have more hiccups along with the urination. It makes me more worried. Is there any problem with him?
Answer: Hello! Hiccups occur in babies due to overfeeding. Hence, feed in less quantity and increase the frequency. This will help to reduce the hiccups in your baby. Take care
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Question: Hello ...my baby is not sleeping whole day ...he used to take feed continuosly..and at night tym he used to sleep 6 hrs at one stretch ... without feed .. without peeing .he is 35 days old. .pls suggest
Answer: Hi. It's just a phase. But you should make sure your baby feeds during nights too. So why don't you try dream feed? Dream feed where you feed the baby during sleep. So that baby stays hydrated and full. And please ensure baby pees about 12 times a day to understand if baby is getting the required nutrients it needs. Try to start following the same routine daily. By that baby will understand that day time is not for sleeping and night time is for sleepinh
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Question: hello .....i used some seba med powder on the face of my baby....is it dangerouse??really tensed pls help
Answer: Hi dear, its ok if u have used once using talc at such early months actually results in closed pores. baby powder can cause breathing trouble and serious lung damage for babies if they inhale the particles. (And it's hard to keep powder out of the air when you're using it.) . Kindly refrain from using it.
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