2 months old baby

Question: hello my baby suffering from fever 100.4.how much paracetamol drop should be given.

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Answer: Hello dear, A normal body temperature for a healthy child is between 97 and 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (36 to 38 degrees Celsius). If your child's temperature is above this range, he has a fever. baby body and head normally feels hot. It's nothing to be concerned. The most important thing is how baby looks and acts. If baby appears well and is taking fluids, and no other symptoms there's no need to worry. If you feel baby has fever, you can give her paracetamol or Calpol syrup prescribed by her doctor 1 ml. every 4-6 hrs and monitored her temperature every 2-3 hours as her temp. If the temp. exceeds 101 degrees, you should rush to the hospital for consultation . Hope it helped ,Take care ur little one..
Answer: 0.6ml or 10 drops doctor suggested this to me last week when my 6weeks baby was suffering from fever after vaccination
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Question: My baby is 4mths old suffering from diarrhoea which drop should be given plz help
Answer: Hello Diarrhoea, or loose watery stool, is the body’s way of clearing viruses, bacteria or toxins from the digestive tract.It is usually treated automatically by the body within a day or two without any medical help and is called acute diarrhoea but if loose motions last longer than four days, then it is chronic diarrhoea and you have to take your child immediately to the doctor after 36-48 hours of the condition.it can dehyrate baby. Best Home Remedies For Loose Motion In Infants 1. Cleanliness & Hygiene Wash all the toys, tether etc. in a mild soap solution or dip into a disinfealo not allow shoes where the child crawls and plays. Disinfect the floor 2. Kunjee for Rehydration rehydration solution at home like rice kunjee which turns out to be an excellent baby loose motion home remedy. Cook a half a cup of rice powder with enough water for ten minutes.  Add a teaspoon of salt and some more water to make it up to 1 liter. Give your baby some spoonful of this liquid to fill up any lost salts or fluids. 3. Oral Rehydration Solution (Homemade/Commercial) You can also make a solution with half a small spoon of salt and six level small spoons of sugar dissolved in one liter of safe water(boiled & cooled). You can also go for using a commercial oral rehydration solution if you are not able to make one at home. 4. More liquids but no force-feed A diarrhoea-stricken person needs more liquids than solids. Hence, allow your child to have feeds with his own desire. Remember that your child needs to eat or drink anything slowly. He should not gulp the food. 5. Healthy foods  Babies who eat solids should continue with their normal foods. like oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, and crackers so as to help restore all the lost sodium. Foods that are rich in soluble fiber like oats, carrots and bananas good during this time. 6. Breastmilk for infants Breastfed babies should be given breast milk only as it has anti-infective factors and all the necessary nutrients that will help your baby fight against bacterial or viral diarrhoea. Do not try any other remedies for your newborn baby or if your baby is below 6 months of age(without consulting your doctor first). 7. Need for doctor you should take your kid to a pediatrician for proper diagnosis and treatment. Home remedies work, but when your child is suffering from loose motions for so long, self-medication is not an option that you should consider.Make sure to keep your child hydrated as dehydration is more frequent in babies than adults.  If your baby's uncomfortable coz of diarrhoea, try to comfort her as much as possible. Keep her dry. Be gentle when changing nappies since her delicate bottom may be raw from the frequent passing of stools. Use a barrier cream to prevent irritation if the diarrhoea lasts for more than a day. And try not to worry too much, with the right care, your baby will soon bounce back.  Take care
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Question: Hai friends.. how much dose of paracetamol should be given to my 8mnths baby ..
Answer: Hello dear. Paracetamol dose will depend on weight of the baby and sickness baby is suffering from. Consult your doctor to work out dose for your baby
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Question: How much paracetamol should be given to 1 year ppd baby
Answer: Hi dear plz don't give any medicine to ur baby without consulting doctor. It could be harmful.
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