1 months old baby

Question: Hello my baby skin is so sensitive for bathing i have used himalaya message oil, jonson baby oil , even coconut oil is not suits to her skin. So which product i can use to her for messaing ?? My next question is after piercing there is puss in my baby ear, its in small quantity but i need to recover it early.....so please tell me the solutions.....

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Answer: For massage try using plain coconut oil. You can use organic coconut oil. For bathing, you can use syndet bar. These are basically synthetic detergents and very effective on sensitive skins. Ensure that bathing water is neither too hot nor too cold. You can apply coconut oil on ear too.
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Question: My baby is 7 month old ..but her skin is too dry.i used himalaya n sebamed soap but nothing to change in her skin .. please suggest other option
Answer: Hello dear. Hope you are regularly oiling your baby before bath, preferably with Virgin coconut oil. Avoid olive oil,as it can cause dryness Use sebamed soap or TED soap. Use a moisturizer cream regularly atleast twice. Brands i prefer, being a doctor are- sebamed, aveeno baby cream, physiogel cream, Atogla creams. Use creams rather than lotions. Also remember to apply these within 3-4mins after bath. Avoid bathing baby excess and limit the bath time. Don't use too much hot water. Hope this tips helps.
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Question: My baby skin is very sensitive pls guide me which product suitable for him..
Answer: Hello The baby s skin is very delicate. The lotions soaps or shampoo that you use should be 5.5ph friendly as this is the ph of ur babies skin. If u use lotions that do not cater to oh balence dis they can rashes dryness etc. Try seba med it is one of the best brands available that has less chemicals and no fragrance. You should use baby friendly and mild detergent to wash baby s clothes or other things that will come in contact with your baby. This can cause skin reaction or allergy.
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Question: which baby products are healthy for babies Himalaya are Jonson some of my friends suggested not to use Jonson IAM confused about the product what to use to my baby
Answer: Hello Dear I will suggested u to buy Himalaya as It has a good range of bath soaps which are friendly with your child’s skin. When I tried Himalaya baby soap, I liked its mild fragrance and smoothness. Himalaya bath soap is soft, chemical free and moisture level is really good which keeps your child’s skin smooth and soft.
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