3 months old baby

Question: hello my baby s weight only 4.5kgs 4th month start....her birth weight was 3kgs she s taking formula similac iq ND bm ..takes very less feedings

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Answer: Newborns need to feed many times a day. Feed your 4-month-old infant at least six to seven times a day. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you can increase the feed up to 12 times a day. Don’t try to control feeding times as your baby has an unpredictable sleeping and feeding schedule.Also dont force feed ur child
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Question: Hello...My baby is 2months 5days old her weight is 4.5kgs during her birth she was 2.5kgs....And how to make her head shaped???
Answer: Baby weight is good. To shape her head use a rye pillow or a c shaped pillow available in market. Or simply use a cotton saree or chunni make it in rounds like the one used to hold water vessels on head by old town ladies. Do not worry Don't let baby sleep on one side only frequently keep changing baby's position Take care.
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Question: my baby girl birth weight is 3kgs now 4months weight only 4.5 kgs.. taking both formula ND b.m... plz help..
Answer: hello..your baby weight should be approximately 6.4 kg to 7 kg.. dont worry.. if your baby is healthy and active then need to worry about the weight dear.. continue breast feeding and formula milk.. both will help you to improve the weight of the baby..
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Question: 4 month baby weight gain is very less . She is only 5.2kg . Her birth weight was 3kg . What should I do to improve her weight?
Answer: Hi empty your full breast at one feed. Dont change breast during feed frequently.
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