3 months old baby

Question: Hello.. my baby poops every two days is it normal?

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Answer: Yes it is normal. Breastfed babies, especially if they have not started solid foods, can easily go two weeks without a poopy diaperonce they are 2-3 months old. Exclusively breastfed babies are almost never constipated. They may go a long time without pooping, but their belly is not full of poop.
Answer: Yes it is normal for babies. Some baby poops eight to ten times a day and some poops once in eight to ten days.
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Question: My baby poops after every feed. Is it normal
Answer: Hi.pooping after each feed,pooping once in a week all are normal in new born babies.pooping after evert feed also indicates that the baby is taken enough milk and the milk supply is good.My daughter also used to poop every time after she feeds.after 3 years only this problem got settled.unless the baby is gaining weight and behaves normally,this is not a matter to concern and you need not worry.
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Question: My baby poops after every feed she is 20 days old...is it normal??
Answer: Some babies poop after every feeding and some every three days. It's all normal, Pooping after every feeding is especially common in breastfeeding newborns. When a breastfed baby has a bowel movement after nearly every feeding during the first few weeks, it's a good sign – it means he's getting plenty of milk.
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Question: My baby is breastfeeding and poops after two days or three days . Is it normal?
Answer: hello dear your baby is 5 months old if baby s on feed and don't take solid nd completely depend on feed and do poop 10 times in a 1 day or do 1 times in 10 day s completely normal nothing 2 worry about.its normal.try these remedies . Place your baby on his back in front of you. Lift up his legs and move them in a circular motion to mimic the motions of peddling a bicycle. The movement should help to release some abdominal pressure and get things going in the right direction. With your baby on her back, place your hand on her belly button. Using a clockwise motion, massage your baby’s tummy in ever bigger circles. Follow your baby’s cues as to how much pressure to use. If she fusses or cries, you’re pressing too hard.
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