4 months old baby

Question: Hello.. my Baby is shedding hair. For the past 2 days i have been seeing a lot of hair in his cap. Is it normal or something to worry about! He is only 3 months.

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Answer: Its very normal..my baby also had this phase of shedding hairs.it occurs due to pressure on head .so not to worry about it.it will stop on its own.
Answer: Change his/her shampoo or soap... Whatever you use.. It may be the reason of shedding hair... That the product doesn't suit your baby skin
Answer: S it is normal for babies to shed hair around this time. There is nothing to worry. New and thicker hair will start to grow soon.
Answer: It is usual and new hair will grow after 1 month. No need to worry
Answer: It's normal As baby sleep in its back it happens
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