5 months old baby

Question: Hello my baby is 5 mnths old she i crying alot when she is asleep..

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Answer: Hello dear Might be ur baby is feeling hungry, thats why he is not taking proper sleep. As ur baby is small so, after every feed he is passing urine because of which baby again feels hungry. Dont worry just feed ur baby after every 2 hrs will give ur baby calm sleep
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Question: My baby is 19 days old, she is not sucking my breasts till now. When I try to keep my breast on her mouth she is crying alot. I'm trying to give my milk by hand expressing, but I'm getting very less amount, I can do hand express only once a day, when I did next time I'm not even getting a drop of milk. We are giving formula milk. Please guide me how to feed my breast milk to my baby.
Answer: Dear you should check your nipples maybe if nipples are not fully grown then baby can’t suck if your nipples are perfect then try to give in different position you can put pillow under baby then try to feed him . You just press your breast after that some some milk comes out from Nipple then put your nipple in baby mouth
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Question: Hello....my baby is 3 month and 3 month old...what shall I give him because my milk is not sufficient for him...and he is crying
Answer: Till completion of 5 months baby should drink only milk so you can introduce formula milk if you are so is not sufficient for your baby. It's very important otherwise we will get dehydrated. Don't give any semi solid food or animal milk so early.
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Question: Hi my baby is 7 month old she is not crawling.. when she will start crawling
Answer: Hi, don't worry about this. Some babies may not crawl along time, they start standing and walking fastly. Infact, my first baby also done like this.
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