1 months old baby

Question: Hello my baby is 24days old. I had a c section and my baby was kept in NICU for a day. After shifting baby to my room i tried to feed him but due to inverted nipples usne feed nhi lia. After that i tried everyday to feed him but he cries a lot and he doesn't know how to suck. I am giving him formula milk. I give him bm after expressing milk through pump but my milk is decreasing day by day. Now i am planning to use nipple shield but i dont know about its sizes. Please guide how to choose size of nipple shield.Thanks

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Question: I m using nipple shield from day one for feeding bcoz i hav inverted nipples so not able to feed without that..is it ok to use it ?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes it is absolutely fine to use nipple shield.that is the only way for you to feed your baby through breasts.please continue feeding.
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Question: I used nipple shield to feed my elder one as i have inverted nipples. I would like to feed my baby directly. Any tips to overcome inverted nipples?
Answer: There are some suction devices promoted for reversing inverted nipples. Most are worn under clothing for extended periods of time. These products are sold under a variety of names, including: nipple retractors nipple extractors shells cups These devices usually work by pulling the nipple into a small cup. This stimulates the nipple and makes it protrude. When used over time, these devices can help loosen the nipple tissue. This can help your nipples remain erect for longer periods of time. Talk to doctor Take care
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Question: my baby did not latch after birth, In hospital they gave him expressed milk and sometimes formula milk. After discharge from hospital I started using nipple shield. I want to know is it harmful to use nipple shield? I tried hard to feed baby directly nothing is working out
Answer: Keep trying and you will succeed. when baby is hungry try to give your breast in different positions everytime and if baby is not able to latch then give him expressed or formula. When baby latches please check along with nipple your areola(black part around nipple). If baby latches without nipple shield it is best because baby's saliva boosts milk production
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