3 months old baby

Question: hello mummys, my baby is 3 mnth old he is vooping out mny times jst lk he is dng gargling drs r saying nt to worry its k bt yar his dress gets wet mst of d tm his voops gets inside d ear plz suggest nything

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Answer: Tie a bib around his neck... Keeping it from time to time
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Question: Hello my son he ia 2years 4months hz recognizing ery thing ven ever he sees some animala alphabets numbers r colours in d tv r book r out side on roads he ill identify but ven v ask him tht what is ur name he ll nt respond to people he talks ven ever he want n what he wants can u suggeat me some tips to improve his way of communication mean i want him to understand that vr asking him the question and he should answer to it
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Question: Hi ... my baby z 55 days old ... frm many days i m findng wen evr he slps aftr gtng swaddle r vitout swaddling... his bck side of tshrt gts wet due to sweat... n d bedsheet on wic he slps also gt wet... n swaddle cloth also... i find sweat z more ... is it common in babies ....?? R need to worry
Answer: Dnt gt yu... adequate air??
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