1 months old baby

Question: Hello,my baby is of 39 days so his 2nd vaccine date is 31 October but is der any problm if we give it on 14th November??

Answer: Hi dear, Any vaccination could be given with 2 weeks post date.so yes you can give your baby vaccination on 14 the november.
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    Bhagya shree Behera118 days ago


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Question: My LMP was on 23rd october..i have regular 28 days cycle..i had unprotected intercourse on 11 and 12 november is der any chance of getting pregnant??
Answer: Chances are not 100% ... If u get +ve in pregnancy good else next month do intercourse from the 10 day of your period to 20th day every alternative day ..are if you go for follicular study on 12 days and find the follicle are available and you can do 12th day to 15th day continue then chances are more .. Hope for the best ....
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Question: Hi... My edd is 23 October but Dr says admit in 14th..is it OK to delivery on, 14th October
Answer: It is completely ok to deliver a baby after 37 week of pregnancy and you already crossed that boundary. Most of the women deliver there baby before due date only
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Question: Hii...my baby vaccine on 27th if this mnth,but some reasons we delay for two days 30th it will be do...is it k r any prblm???
Answer: Hi, don't worry there is no problem in delaying the vaccine by two days. When the child had cold and cough also the Dr suggest to wait for the vaccination. So there is absolutely no problem. But just make sure you don't miss the vaccine dear.
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