7 months old baby

Question: hello my baby is 6 n half month old. he doesnt feed milk properly dats y i give him solids 3 times a day.what should i do so dat he start to feed milk properly.he is on top feed

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Answer: Oh ok. Sorry This time due to teething babies not ready to take bottle as it hurts their gums. Try with sipper pr spoon. May be will take.
Answer: Express your milk and give that in bottle. For direct feeding he might be facing problem with latching that's why not able to feed.
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Question: My 1 month old baby is still not able to latch properly, plus my milk production is also on the lower side. Therefore I have to give him top feed. What should I do so that he latches properly.
Answer: U need more patients untill he latches properly,try to make him to latch as much as possible,,don't get depressed or lose hope , depression is also one of the cause for reducing breast milk, It happens with some babies too,, it's quite normal,,untill he latches properly, try to use breast pump and feed him,,the more you pump or the more baby sucks , creates more milk.
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Question: My 7 months old baby is having loose motions 6 to 7 times a day.What should I give him
Answer: Hello dear.. Loosemotion in babies can happen due to dehydration, teething, indigestion, follow these steps it might be helpful for you... If you are breastfeeding your baby, make sure you drink lot of water,juice..then along with solid, breastfeed your baby as much as you can.. You can feed baby rice porridge, or rice water, best remedy for stopping loose motion in babies You can also mix little ginger juice with little palm sugar, can give it to baby, this will promote better digestion, can also feed pomegranate juice, will stop loose motion Apply some castor oil on babys tummy, it helps in reducing dehydration, body heat, prevent loose motion
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Question: hello....my son will b 1 year next month.he is on top feed. but doesnt feed properly..dats y he is very thin but he is superactive baby.plz tell something which can increase his hunger.can i give him bonnison? plz help
Answer:  Hello Keep your baby well hydrated it is very important in such season. For the baby to gain weight you can include ghee or butter tossed meals as oils and fats give energy and increase weight. You can also give them new finger food prepared at home like French fries or other creative things recipes are found online. You can give them seasonal fruits that are tasty and healthy. Hope I helped
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