6 months old baby

Question: Hello....my baby is 6 months old. The temperature of her head is always high than other body parts.....is it normal???

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Answer: Yes it is normal dear... Same problem with MA child too... Doctor said that it's a normal upto 12 months...
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Question: my baby s head is always hotter than other parts of the body...but no fever...is it normal?
Answer: hi dear! dear so normally the baby's head is hot is because the baby might be having calcium deficiency dear. so get it checked with the doctor dear. so that calcium is given to the baby dear! take care! i hope this information was useful to you .
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Question: My baby's head is usually remain hotter than other parts of the body ..is it normal ??
Answer: Yes dear its normal ..baby's head is usually warmer thrn body..and even the body temperature is little higher than ours..upto 100 degree celcius. .the baby temperature is considered normal
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Question: My baby head always seems hot than other body parts why it is?
Answer: Hello, Dear baby's body heat release from head only that's why their head is always hot. So don't worry its normal and as baby will grow it will be fine on its own...
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