4 months old baby

Question: Hello ,my baby is 4 months old, her birth weight was 3.27kgs and current weight is just 6.2.last month during vaccination her weight was around 6 kgs.she just gained 200 gms during her 4 th month.m worried .plz pour ur experiences,( she got loose motion for a day in between and few times having mucus in her poop) other wise she is taking feed properly, exclusively bf

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Answer: Take keen attention on baby's weight gain.. Every week c has to gain 250-300 g compulsory.. At the same time need not worry about baby poop.. they may poop 7 times per day.
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Question: My baby has completed her 4 months.. her birth weight is 3kgs.. in 1st she gained 1 kg, 2 nd month also 1kg..in 3rd month she gained only 400 gms.. this worrying me a lot
Answer: Hi! Dont worry about weight till the time your baby is active and meeting milestones. According to WHO guidelines baby should double the birth weight at 6 months and triple it by 1 yr of his age. Good luck!
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Question: My baby girl is 2 months 20 days. Her weight on birth was 2.8 kgs. Now her weight is 4.5 kgs. Her weight in last month gained is only 200 gms. Dr said it's very less. She also don't take breastfeeding properly. Please let me know what to do.
Answer: Hi dear, Right now your milk is the only source of nutrition for our baby.moreover the first 7 days baby would.loose all water weight.so you would find some loss of weight in baby ,which is normal.but baby should gain back the birth weight in next three weeks .and with in first three months baby must double the birth weight .frequent feeding especially every 2-3 hours in first month and then 3-4 hours in second month is must for healthy weight gain.you need to eat healthy so that baby gains faster.,you need to consume: 1-eat balanced diet including fresh vegetables and fruits 2- increase your diet by eating extra 500 calories in a day 3- include lot of proteins, especially from animal meat.like egg,chicken,mutton ,fish 4- drink plenty of water too Feed from one breast full,only then hind milk,which is the richest milk can be accessible to your baby.foremilk is thinner and only quenches thirst
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Question: hi my daughter is going to 8 months next week she has not gained weight from 6th month her current weight is 7.4kilo it was 7.2 at start of 6 month how can I help my daughter gain weight
Answer: You should introduce some softly mashed, or chopped into fine pieces of fruits, vegetables, meats, pasta and dairy such as curd and cheeses. Veggies and fruit should all be soft cooked and possibly mashed with a fork or masher. (Bananas need only be mashed.) Raw fruits are often introduced at this stage. Meats and proteins such as egg yolk, should be cooked and pureed or chopped into small soft bits. Remember, baby will not have molars until sometime around the 14-18 month age range. Foods should be easily mashed between the gums. You can feed these food 3- 6 times a day... along with breast milk.
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