6 months old baby

Question: Hello my baby is 6 months old...and we are going to hill station for 3 days....what kind of things i should keep with me for baby ?

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Answer: Hello dear, while traveling, breastfeeding is the first alternative that comes to mind. It is the most convenient and can be done anywhere. However, some might not feel comfortable doing it in a public place. In such cases, you can make use of a breast pump. It allows you to store your milk beforehand and use it as and when required. If breastfeeding is not possible, another option is to carry formula milk. Homemade Cerelac for Baby: For making this, mix about 2-3 tablespoons of Cerelac powder in the required amount of warm milk that can be easily carried in a thermos flask and that’s just about it... Fruit Puree Recipes for Babies: Fruit purees are the most loved substitute among mothers to start as first foods. These are highly nutritious, simple to prepare and easily digestible. Loaded with crucial vitamins and minerals, they make for excellent takeaway foods. The most common are apple puree, mango puree and banana puree. To make a puree, of any kind, all you need is a fruit and a fork. Simply mash the fruit in a clean bowl using a fork. You can add a little warm milk to make the consistency a little runny so that your baby is able to gulp it down with ease.... Porridge: Feeding porridge to your baby on a regular basis offers numerous benefits. Rich in fiber content, porridge also contains protein, magnesium, iron, zinc, antioxidants, and vitamins B and E. These many benefits rolled into one can help boost the immune system and fight infection against diseases. Oatmeal: They are rich in fiber, protein, and calcium and are soothing to your baby. if you want to make sure that your baby eats the food, be sure to pack their favorite oatmeal for the trip. Atte ke Laddu: It is a yummy sweet. This is all healthy and also rich in nutritions. Banana Chips:  Banana chips contain many minerals such as Fiber, Iron, and Potassium. Makhana or nuts:.A light snack to satisfy your cravings between meals and it is also used to prepare makhana kheer. I love to shallow fry it in ghee and sprinkle some rock salt for the kids and you. So from now onwards, whenever you are traveling with toddler or baby try opting for few of the above options. I am sure, not only your kids but you will also enjoy trip more than before. Hope it helped, Take care...
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Answer: It depends on the route, temperature of the place , altitude and other factors to decide the safety of travelling with your baby. You will have to take extra precautions regarding feeding times, distance travelled, climate of the place... Take warm clothes for yourself and the baby to keep the cold and diseases away... Make sure there are no outbreaks of any disease in the location you are travelling... keep emergency medicines and first aids handy... Check for a local doctor in case of emergency
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Answer: hi dear if you do not have any pregnancy complications you can travel but you need to take take the doctor's consent also dear
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Question: Can I travel to hill station with my 100 days old baby???
Answer: Yes dear...you can...there is nothong to worry about it...make sure tp take all medicines and woolen stuuff of the baby.
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