9 months old baby

Question: Hello, my baby is 8 months old and she is not sitting yet. Without support also she could hold the sitting position only for 4-5 seconds and then either bends forward or falls on her sides. Whenever I try to make her sit, she tries to stand up, even she plays more on standing position (with support). Should I be worried? Any suggestion? Please help.

2 Answers
Answer: wow, ur baby is doing wt i did when I was a baby. i too did not sit or crawl, directly started standing n walkg (as per my mother). focus ur massage on her back area. since babies have bigger head in proportion to t upper or lower body balancing becomes difficult. don't worry she is already standing. as her body strengthens she will b comfortable sitting too.
Answer: No need to worry.. every child take his or her time to sit.. this happened with my daughter also.. don't be disheartened.. make her sit after sometime in daily basis.. my daughter started sitting when she turned 9 months..