6 months old baby

Question: Hello, My baby is 6.5 months old and he is suffering teething trouble like light fever, 4-5 time motion with white spots and width a very dirty smell from last one month. He is feeling very uncomfortable...

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Question: My baby is 4 months 10 days old.he is having daily motion more than 5 times a day like light watery from past 20days.1st month he has motion like this.after 1mnth he has motion dialy one time a day.but last 20days he has like this.please suggest home remedy to control this.
Answer: Hello dear, watery motion is a sign of loose motion. Don't worry baby will be ok. U should know this all. Breastmilk contains antibiotics, which help to fight against bacterial or viral diarrhoea.  Do not try any other remedies for your newborn baby or if your baby is below 6 months of age.....You must take light-foods for your babies during this time because ur food can effect the baby during breastfeeding. You should take dahi, banana, coconut water as much as possible. Don't take spicy and hot nature food. If can't control within 24 hours. Visit ur doctor.  Take care ur little one.....
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Question: Baby has running nose and fever??? He catches fever within one month, last time the fever was due to teething??
Answer: vaibhav usually babies get affected with fever cold and cough very often this is because of their immune system is very low try to give more in you clapping food items and vegetables fruits Green leaves in babies diet as your baby is 8 monthsyou can use nasal drops for running nose or even you can heat the kasthuri manjal and make the baby to smell it deeply even that can cure the nose block and also the fever my because of any reason if not you can a ginger juice with honey helps to cure
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Question: I am 4 months pregnant. Suffering with cough, chestpain and light fever.. Took one paracetamol. Is that ok?
Answer: Hi dear generally paracetamol is ok during pregnancy but is is always advisable to get doctor advise before taking any medicine during pregnancy as well use home remedy for curing such problems. U can have kadha made of tulsi ginger and honey thrice a day .also do have lots of warm and reliving foods like kHichdi oats chicken soup tomato soup, apple . Make sure to get steam to relieve from chest pain.
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