6 months old baby

Question: Hello my baby is 5 months 15 days old baby i started feeding solids after eating solids baby is going motion wt to do plz help me

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Answer: No its wrong.you should only breastfeed your baby till 6months exclusively.dont introduce solids before 6 months
Answer: wait..you give solid foods after 6 months.so u stop this.after 6 months, u try it
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Question: My baby is 6 months 15 days old i started solids before 1 month .after started solids red acne occurs and dissappears near the mouth after feeding specific food like cerlac banana tone. Is she allergic?
Answer: Most possibly it is the left over food that is causing the skin irritation n hence the rash. Try cleaning with a soft cloth with lukewarm water after feed. If it persists it is better to see a doctor . It is also important to check the baby's stools.. the consistency and the frequency . Also if your baby is having any abdominal pain or bloating after consuming the food. That will give you a better idea if baby is allergic to a particular food
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Question: My baby is 10 month old she is not eating solids so wt to do
Answer: Hi,you can blend the food and feed a few spoons Don't force feed your baby. It is ok if your baby refuses some food you should try giving something else. Teu to feed in some attractive bowl so that baby likes to see and take feed
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Question: Hello my baby is 5 months 15 days old can I start solids and what can I start with
Answer: Dont start solids before 6months...post tat u can gradually include liquid n semi solid diet...like mashed potato, mashed banana, vegetable puree, dal pani,rice pani etc
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