12 months old baby

Question: Hello ..my baby is 10 month's old and his first tooth is coming .he his suffering from green watery poop. How can i stop this ..?? I my worried about him..

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Answer: Hello dear the baby's stool will change when the baby is acheiving milestone. After accomplishing it, the stool will be normal colour.. Nothing to worry dear but there's nothing you can do to stop the colour change of motions.
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Question: My son is 4months old and he started sucking his thumb. How should I stop him doing this
Answer: Currently the baby is too young and he may be doing it when he is hungry. So increase ur number of feeds may be that will help. If it continues after 6months as well try femite. U can get it on any chemist apply on thumb safe for children. Also removing thumb again and again helps i used to do it 100 times and it worked gradually my daughter stopped.
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Question: Hi..my baby is 184 days old...he s doing potty 7-8 times a day...he is gey his first tooth...how to stop his loose motion
Answer: Hii dear. Stay calm. Dont  worry. It do happen. Even last week my baby also fall sick due to weather .  The first cure to loose motion is to ensure that whatever the baby puts in its mouth should be disinfected. Wash all the toys, tether etc. in a mild soap solution or dip into a disinfectant. Wash the toys in running water and then you can give to your child. Also, check whether for the baby’s playing area. Breastfed babies should be given breast milk only as it has anti-infective factors and all the necessary nutrients that will help your baby fight against bacterial or viral diarrhoea. And, also breastmilk will help ease the symptoms of the disease. Do not try any other remedies for your newborn baby or if your baby is below 6 months of age.if problem persists more than one day plz consult. Doctor.  All the best. 
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Question: My baby has mold jaundice and today his temperature is 100° how to treat temperature? He is only 10days old and I'm first time mom, worried about him.
Answer: Koi masla Nahi hai breast se milk ya liquid delivery k bad niklay ga mere sath bhi aisa he tha
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