3 months old baby

Question: Hello my baby is 3 month old. Recently he is itching his nose too much with his hands and also putting finger inside the mouth. Because of this he cries too much and not sleeping properly. Can anyone please advise what could be the problem. Thanks.

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Answer: Hello! Please try to check cold symptoms. Babies when have cold or are about to have cold do behave in similar manner. Hence it is better to give a warm massage of mustard oil with garlic cloves and kalonji to the baby which makes the baby feel a little better. Take care
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Question: My baby is putting his finger in mouth..and because of this habit sometimes he is vomiting as he is keeping finger inside.. How should i make him stop this habit?
Answer: Hello mommy This may b because he is teething and may b having sore gums along with itchiness Keeping fingers in mouth may cause him infection be careful Yu can get him teethers n pacifiers.. Clean the teether everytime yu give him Yu can also give him hard carrot peeled n washed so tat he try to chew atlst the juice of carrot he vl intake.. Take care
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Question: Hi my baby is now 5month and 14days he always putting the finger in mouth after feeding also he doing
Answer: Hello...it's common ma...give something to ur baby hand to play...he will forget it ...
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Question: Hello doc, my baby gets up frequently for breastfeeding at night from past 3 days. Also in daytime he os not sleeping properly. He does not take formula milk and is not eating properly. He is mostly biting everthing and also he is putting his hands constantly in his mouth. Kindly suggest something to make him sleep through night .
Answer: Hello dear..since your baby entered 11months he must have started walking and exploring things..so that the demand of the baby will be increased than previous months comparitively and also the tiredness due to roaming will be increased..babies at this stage need variety of dishes to taste and they must be healthy too..so try to feed him with variety of boiled amd smahsed veggies,fruits and dishes..the disturbance in the middle of night usually due to empty stomach so feed him once in the middle when he wake uo or else feed him in the sleep before he wakes up..if their tummy is full means they will regulary..till admitting to the school they will have such habit due to hunger it's normal only..dont worry and take care..putting hands in the mouth,licking everything,bitting everybody,increased saliva all are growth symptoms only...dont worry..
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