7 months old baby

Question: Hello my baby is 7 month old.... can I give him cow milk or yellow packet milk instead of FM.would the baby gaining weight after taking FM.....plz suggest

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Answer: Hii even my baby is 7mths old n i have suuggested that giving cow milk or other animal milk is much heavier i.e Its not easy to digest my babies below 1 year its better u give your baby breastmilk or sumtime FM milk is also kk but try giving breastmilk ....... Evem im doing the same thing giving my baby breast feed which is very healthy fir babies........
Answer: Hello! Cow milk or any animal milk should not be given to the baby. If you are breastfeeding, then please continue with it, as nothing can be better than breastmilk. You can give formula milk side by side but instead would suggest you to introduce different semi solids foods like vegetables, fruits, pulses and grains.
Answer: It is always advisable to give cow's milk after the baby turn 1 year old.but even then u want to give cow's milk den add water to it and give a proper boil to make the milk thin
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Question: Hello everyone ..my baby is 3 and half month old..his weight is 7 kg ..can i give him cow milk or packet milk
Answer: Till 6 months only bm or fm no cow milk packet milk or even water should be given
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Question: Can I give my 1 yr old son packet milk instead of the formula one
Answer: Yes dear, after 1 year you can start packet milk. Start with little quantity, if your baby likes and digest easily, you can increase quantity.
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Question: My baby is 7 months old , we can start pasteurized milk or packet milk for my baby instead of cow,s milk Please advice me
Answer: Hi, please do not give that. Till the age of 12 months only breastmilk or formula milk to be given to the baby. Apart from that nothing else.
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Question: Now my baby boy 5 month old. Can I give him packet milk or cow milk. Can I give him dal water?
Answer: Hi,best milk is ideal for the baby in case breast milk is not sufficient then you can give formula milk to the baby do not introduce packet milk or cow milk as the baby will not be able to digest you can give Dal water Rice water to a baby after the baby is 6 months old
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