4 months old baby

Question: Hello, My baby is just turning side ways she is unable to lie on her tummy on her own. Is it fine or anything to be done?

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Answer: Hi dear babies do roll away initially and then get a grip of their movements ,you should encourage your baby and help in doing this. There is nothing to worry.In fact the more you will support the baby ,till help the baby and slowly the baby will get a nack of doing this on her own.
Answer: Hi! Every baby is different and so are their developmental skill. Babies need strong neck muscle to roll over, few babies do it at 4 months and few may do it at 5 th or 6 th months. Please dont worry, baby will do everything with time and when he is ready. Good luck!
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Answer: Hello, If baby is changing side on its own then there is nothing to worry but still make her sleep on back only because that's the best position to sleep for baby.
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Question: Hello.. my baby is 4 months old.. still she is sleeping on her tummy wid my help but cant by her own.. so when will she start rolling?
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