5 months old baby

Question: Hello my baby is 5 months old now! Still he hasn't roll over! Can any one suggest when does babies start roll over? I m worried that he wil turn only half and he's not rolling over!

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Answer: Hi, dear see all baby's growth is different and they learn things on different time. Baby can start rolling over from 4-7 months of age and your baby is just 5 months so relax and give tummy time to your baby regularly and frequently that will encourage baby to roll over...
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Question: My baby boy is 4months old now but still he has not rolled over yet,when do babies usually turn or roll over,please advice
Answer: Babies usually start rolling over from 4 months as now baby has sufficient upper body strength and can mini push themselves. By 6 months baby will become strong to roll themselves from stomach to back and back to stomach. Babies develop skills differently, some more quickly than others.. Better u should wait some time, if ur baby is not rolling then u should better consult ur doctor
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Question: My baby is going to start 6 months in few days still baby is not rolling over I'm worried. Only half turn
Answer: Don't worry its normal as some babies learn fast and some take time so it's normal if baby won't roll over then he may sit . So you can put baby to tummy time as it helps baby to learn easily and now baby moves half gradually may roll over. Do don't take stress about it.
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Question: Hello...i have 4 months old baby. So far he has not rolled over...when does usually babies roll over...?
Answer: Hi. baby achieve rolling upto 5 month, so you can wait for one more month. Increase tummy time for your baby that will strengthen shoulder and neck muscles. Try to intionate rolling by turning him to one side . Do it on both side .only for few seconds.
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