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Question: hello my baby is 3 years old she is suffering from cough from last 25 days in between I consulted 34 doctors and their medicines didn't work well but mucus has gone but now she is suffering from dry cough and all the the four doctors said ., she is having dust allergy that's it.... nothing serious but still she is suffering from cough,I also given her honey with ginger but no result.what to do I am very worried

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Answer: Dear it's normal , although I can understand baby must be very irritable . My baby also have dust allergy so with medication do some home remedies that will help; Just tie 7 garlic pods in a small piece of cloth and keep near to the baby at night. Make sure the pod is well secured and does not open. Massage your baby’s chest with lukewarm mustard oil mixed with garlic cloves.  Just rub a piece of nutmeg (jaiphal) on the grinding stone and mix this powder with 2 teaspoons of cow milk. Now apply this paste on the forehead of your child. Wipe off after some time. Offer lukewarm tulsi concoction/tea to your baby. You can make this and store in a bottle and keep giving throughout the day. Honey can also be given with a few drops of ginger juice with garlic paste and cinnamon powder to tame a cough.
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    Thank you for valuable tips

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Question: My 3 years daughter is having cough from last 25 days .I consulted four doctors in between .her mucus has gone but now she is having dry cough ,all the doctors said it is due to dust allergy....but no medicine is curing her cough nor home remedies.Iam worried what to do?
Answer: Hello dear this is because her immune system is low give more food that enrich her immune. Give her turmeric milk with a pinch of pepper init it cures dry cough. Can also give ginger juice with honey or even boil dry ginger powder in milk and feed baby this also will cure dry cough soon.
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Question: My baby is suffering from skin allergy.. I have consulted with many doctors but there is no change in itching
Answer: Hi dear if the itching is not changing or subsiding due to skin allergy in your 3 years old baby I think it needs a blood work to be done to see if there is any problem so I would suggest you to please check for the skin specialist who all are baby friendly and treat babies too.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can i give honey and ginger mix for my baby ....he is suffering from dry cough
Answer: Yes dear sure you can give a she is 11 months just give 1 spoon of ginger qith same quantity honey. You can also add a pinch of turmeric in his milk. Always give warm milk. You can also give a herbal tea of 1 slic eginger 3 pepper, few cumin, 1 beetal stem boilwd watwe with honey.
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