2 years old baby

Question: Hello , my baby is 2 year old, he is low weight plzzz suggest me right way how increase his weight

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Answer: Hey dear,how are you😊.. well not to bother too much about the weight of baby is otherwise active..this was the suggestion given to me too my the doctor 😁..so I used to breastfeed and give rice,daal,vegetable soup, fruits,also every home cooked food in less spicy and no salt and sugar in it.. poha,dosa,idli,upma can be given too..hope it helps😊..
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Question: My boy was weight less he is in 2kg so how can I increase weight
Answer: Dear right now you need to depend only on your feed.every two hour feed is mur..if your milk is not enough then get formula.milk for baby..thee is no other way other than feeding.
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Question: Hi Madam,My boy baby is 1 month 5 days old and his birth weight is 2.9 kg and then reduced to 2.7 kg and when I checked 2 days back,his weight is 3.04 Doctor suggested that weight gain is very slow.can any one please suggest on how to increase baby weight and I am giving baby breast feeding only .
Answer: Hi...if ur baby is taking BM, n u hv good production thn y r u looking for any other option...bm is best fr baby ..weight is not a matter dear, bm se baby ka immunity jyada strong hoga , easy to digest, brain development me bhi BM is best...
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Question: Hello My baby is 3 months old. Please suggest any way to repel him from mosquitoes.
Answer: Hi...Sleep in a machardani... mosquito net. ... we used to up most of night killing mosquitoes. But then i used a mosquito net and we were finally at peace.
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