5 months old baby

Question: Hello my baby head become to hot at night time and now days she is not getting proper sleep at night she cries a lot

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Answer: Don't worry.. Babies head are normally hot as comparison to the adults. Their cheeks should not be warm otherwise it can be an indication of fever. Rub little castor oil mixed with coconut oil it helps
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Question: My baby is not sleeping at night and cries a lot
Answer: Dear small babies usually do that you can avail the baby that is tied with the cloth to secure the arms they feel sleepy that way you can also feed the baby while lying down and also massage the tummy in an anticlockwise direction that helps
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Question: M not having proper sleep at night... Will it effect my baby in any way... Not having proper sleep during pregnancy is common...?
Answer: Dear it's very much common... It will not effect baby but it's not good for your body. Sleep is important so anytime you fell like to sleep then just sleep and just try to cut the evening nap...
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Question: At time of birth my baby girl had a lot of hair on her head but now she is getting bald in some places with visible area. What to do .new hair will grow up or not in those areas
Answer: Common in all babies.. after mundan they will grow good hair dea
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