Few weeks old baby

Question: Hello.... my baby have white blister in his mouth under cheeks n upper side of mouth... I went to the dr. He said it is not oral thrush.. it is some thing else and it is viral.. it is very rare in babies.. plz tell me about this if anyone know about it

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Answer: Same I faced last 15 days My ped also said infection But now he is ok he was not eating any fruits only liquids and dal ka pani khicdi etc wash baby hands regularly bcz babies try to put in mouth which causes infection
Answer: Give her nilstat drops 3 times a day...this is called thrust yeh ho jata h babies k
Answer: What medicine or home remedy u give him
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Question: My baby is having small watery blister in her mouth...she is 2months old...she is drinking milk properly... is Any thing i have to worry about oral blister
Answer: No it will go by itself ...they say it happens when something very hot is given to baby or consumed by mommy so make sure you don't repeat it again
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Question: Cramping in right side of body is common? Please reply if anyone know about it.
Answer: It's absolutely normal for everyone dear. Even I too experienced d same
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Question: My dr. Has suggested me hermin oral sachet , she said it will be usefull in baby's development , does anyone knows more information about it ,or anyone else taking it
Answer: Hi,yes it is good and you can take during pregnancy It has zinc and vitamin and folic acid that is imp for the baby s growth and development You can go ahead and consume it as prescribed by your Dr
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