5 months old baby

Question: Hello My baby has got severe diaper rash ... what can b d immediate solution?? ... I've tried omost evrythn n hz pottying agn n agn which is in d form of liquid n yellow colour n no smell ... he does vry lil potty n cries coz of d burning sensation ... what can I do ???

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Answer: Hi... If you can put nappy instead of diaper for the time being, it will be very helpful... Desitin diaper rash cream both maximum strength and rapid relief is very effective... U will see the changes within 24 hrs... Clean the after every stool with water instead of alcohol wipes and dab it with dry clothe and then put diaper cream...
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    Anonymous710 days ago

    Apply Nebasulf sprinkling powder frequently

Answer: Apply Nebusilin powder frequently it's the best solution
Answer: Try changing diaper , pamper is best ....
Answer: Apply coconut oil..it will be helpful
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    Sadiya Uman711 days ago

    I did dat too

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    Satinder Jit Kaur698 days ago

    Apply boroline with baby powder

Answer: Use mupimet ointment for rashes.
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