Question: hello,my baby has been passing greenish and sometime yellow liquid stool with a lot of mucous 4-5times in a day??is it normal??

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Answer: uska cold nikal raja hai
Answer: It is normal... Dnt wrry
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Question: Mam my baby is passing green stool 4 times in a day some time it is liquid n sometime it is solid what should i do??
Answer: Hello! Green stool is a sign of mild infection. There is nothing to worry it is common at this age as they tend to put everything in mouth. Please give plenty of fluids to the baby. Also give ors sips through out the day. Apart from that give sabudana pani, moong dal pani, chawal pani, banana and curd. These all will help the baby . Take care
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Question: My baby having mucous in stool and crying a lot for about 30 minutes before passing stool
Answer: Hi! If baby has cold, mucus will come out as foam. Just watch for if it continues to happen and if it is accompanied with other issues, is the baby breastfed? How many pee counts? is the baby otherwise active? *My new born had frothy poop for about 2 paed once said its because their digestive system is not mature enough it ll be alright with time. *Body heat can also cause it, try to feel your lo's fontanelle and if it feels hot you can apply coconut oil and gently massage without applying much pressure. *If the baby is breastfed you can have yogurt and pass the benefit as breastmilk its safe. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby vomit often and pees greenish 4-5times a day is it normal
Answer: Hello dear, Normally, the colour of your urine should be between almost clear and dark yellow. Neon-green pee may look alarming, but it's usually just a sign that baby is getting too much of certain vitamins - B vitamins, in particular - and that your body is flushing out the excess. Or green urine can be a sign of a urinary tract infection or a bacterial infection that has gotten into the blood. So better to check with your paediatrician at once. And increase feed quantity.
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