3 months old baby

Question: Hello.. my baby has a habit of keeping his hand in his mouth nd he sucks all d time ..even if he is nt hungry ..wat to do

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Answer: Very normal. Babies explore hand by sucking next stage may be licking toe. Enjoy the milestones... It's a phase and will pass. Please mark as useful if satisfied.
Answer: Hello dear dont worry all babies do this. It is also teething indication.
Answer: I know bt he is suffering frm loose motions due to hand infection
Answer: Buy soother for the bby
Answer: It's normal
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Question: Hi my son is 13 months old he always keeps his right hand thumb finger in mouth and sucks that finger how can I stop that habit of keeping finger in mouth
Answer: Hi mommy baby sucking thumb/hand is a perfectly natural, self-reliant way for a child to soothe themselves. I think people make to much of an issue about this. Thumb sucking does palette damage in extreme cases, not the average baby. And also baby who suck thumb in early age tends to sleep for 7-8 hrs and are calm by nature as they know how to sooth them self. May be if this habit stays till 1 year of age you can try by putting some bitter tasting thing over thumb. It works in most cases. All the best!
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Question: Hello my baby is 4 month old most of d tym he try to put his hand in mouth wat to do..
Answer: hi please don't worry if your baby is putting his hand in mouth as its babies self reliant way to sooth themselves. gradually this habit will go on its own so don't worry just make sure that your baby hand is clean so always why babies hand with clean cloth and water .
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Question: My baby put his hand in his mouth all time, and sucks fingers, what to do
Answer: Hello dear Don't worry as ur baby is learning motor skills. Its good for baby's. They are learning new things and It is called development milestone. Just wash ur baby's hands at a different time interval.
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