5 months old baby

Question: Hello,my baby girl is 5 months nd 15days old. From last couple of days in the evening nd night she wants to eat constantly even if she's sleepy. She cries a lot if i don't feed her even for a minute. I'm very much worried. In day time she plays, sleeps and eats well.

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Answer: Breastfeed ab usse sufficient nahi ho rha h.. She needs outside milk too
Answer: U hv to start wd cerlac coz dat means feeding is not nw enough fr her
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Question: my baby girl cries a lot during night...she is 83 days old nd doing dis since 4 weeks... don't understand why?
Answer: My baby girl is 1 month 7 days old...she used cry n8t time 4 to 5 hrs..I used colicaid drops... It worked for my baby...children will have stomach pains,gas,digestion problems...
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Question: ma baby is 55 days old. yesterday evening onwards she starts crying a lot. on night she usually sleeps between 11-12. but yesterday night she cries a lot. but drinks breast milk.she sleeps at 2.30 after long cries. sleeps upto 4.30. again cries a lot. i checked her thoroughly there is no mark of insect bite or anything like that. what may be the reason? whether i have to consult paediatrician
Answer: Hello! it might be due to colic pain. Generally babies of this age have pain induce stomach due to the gas stuck there. It generally happens in the evening only. Try to burp the baby after every feed. Give some tummy time to the baby every day. Massage the tummy with oil and hing whenever there is pain. Also you can try this, take roasted ajwain in the potli. Warm it on a hot tawa and apply it lightly on the tawa. Please note that the potli should not be very hot. Test it on your skin before applying on the baby.
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Question: My Baby takes feed in the day well. But during night time she takes once or twice and sleeps. She is 4 months old. Please help me to feed her well even during night time.
Answer: Baby is growing So it's common for feeding routines to change Don't worry about long as baby is active
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