14 months old baby

Question: Hello, my baby boy just turned 1 but he has not yet started to stand or walk! What should I do?

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Question: My baby boy is 14 month old but he does not to walk yet..what should i do
Answer: Hello... Dear usually kids walk around 15 months of their age,so don't get worried,there are few techniques which help getting walk soon.. Give him nutritious diet, which contains all nutrients needed for her development You stand in one side of the wall,make baby to stand at another wall,call him from another side,it will encourage him to walk soon,can also use walker which enable babies to walk soon Wash his legs with rice soaked water,it is very nutritious and helps babies to walk soon,heat rice soaked water to lukewarm Condition,then massage and wash from hip to feet,you will see results within a week,do it regularly
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Question: My baby is 15th month old he has not started walking yet but he can easily walk and stand on my support. Any suggestions through which I can help him to walk and stand alone
Answer: Hello dear.. There is nothin to worry. Babies walk between 13-18 months. Each baby is different. Some may walk with support by 11 months. Just help your baby walk by holding baby's finger and teach your baby everyday. Slowly you can leave your hands after a distance. Or you can crawl like your baby,and they would hold you and walk that way. As your baby is 15 months old you can also get a walker for your baby. That would help.
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Question: My baby is 14 months old baby. he not started stand & walk yet.
Answer: Hello dear, whenever you wash rice take the first 2 times water and heat it lightly and give a bath for your son. Continue it for 2 to 3 months he will walk as soon as possible. Don't worry b happy. ☺
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