12 months old baby

Question: Hello, my baby boy is 1 year old. He is vomiting and has diarrhea too. Looks like teething problem. Can you help please with a home remedy and a medicine too

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Answer: Hello if baby started getting a teeth it's good sign but to be frank this won't at effect baby stomach upset or it won't lead baby a health problems as diarrhea so you please better consultant you're pediatrician.
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    pranjali pereira32 days ago

    My baby is passing only water as stool. What do i do.

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Question: My baby has diarrhea and he is 1 year 8 monts.What home remedies may I use?
Answer: Diarrhoea in infants can also be caused due to infection. You may try these home remedies-Always keep your baby hydrated by giving him excess fluids and water since diarrhea can easily cause dehydration in babies.Give banana and sabudana water to your baby. Give yoghurt to your baby and avoid giving milk to your baby. Give honey and ginger powder.. If the motion is really watery ,your baby might need medications for the same.visiting a paediatrician will be recommended in that case.
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Question: My baby is having diarrhea with vomiting. Along with medicine what can be done at home
Answer: Hi dear U can increase more liquids in ur babies diet.The loose motions and vomiting cause dehydration especially during summer. As the stomach is upset babies will not be ready to eat any food . hence it is gud to give more liquid diet.u can include 1.coconut water 2 barley 3.buttermilk 4.yogurt or curd 5.any kind of soups. 6.fruit juices and fresh fruits 7.Avoid milk during motions as it is hard to digest
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Question: My baby is 1 year 10 months old recently he is telling stomach pain, please suggest any home remedy medicine
Answer: You can give drotin DS 1.5 ml one time now and tomorrow you can visit your pediatrician for a general check up to know if baby has worms in stomach or there is a stomach infection or the reason of pain because usually even if baby is having gas or has having stomach problems he will not develop pain without the signs of diarrhoea loose motion or gas for constipation so when there are no as such mentioned signs and still you can see a stomach pain then it indicates a caution and we must check with pediatrician once
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