20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello,my anomaly scan done yesterday there write that uninary bladder is empty for cervical length.there is not mention cervical length.. what's the means?

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Answer: hi dear! so normally in anomaly scan full bladder is required but when you must have gone for your anomaly scan the bladder was empty and therefor the readings were not taken dear. take care dear.
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Question: I have done scan yesterday and cervix length is 3.2cm empty bladder. Will cervical surclarge reqd or not? I have twin pregnancy
Answer: Hello! You might require a cervical cerclage. Since you are carrying twins, you might need it a cerclage. Also be on complete rest. Take care
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Question: hi my cervical length is 37 mm doc asked for cervical cerclage after anomaly scan is it safe
Answer: cervical cerclage is done for your safety only dear. it's done to avoid premature delivery or in case of twins. don't worry about it . it's quite natural and easy procedure.
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Question: I did my anomaly scan yesterday it shows 'fetal small bladder shows echogenic walls ' what does this means please help
Answer: Sorry it's bowel* Fetal small bowel shows echogenic walls
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