24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello. My 6th month is going on. Can I eat folic acid tablets and calcium tablets together.

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Answer: Yeah you can have them. Take one tablet and take another after 5 minutes .
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Question: i takes folic acid, calcium tablets on alternate day. can it affect my baby.
Answer: U should daily consume folic acid as well as calcium tablets. U can take calcium during night time as it will prevent leg cramps and folic acid u can consume In the morning. These medicines are mainly for u so u should take care of ur self and have it daily
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Question: Can i take folic acid and progesterone tablets together..are there any side effects???drug interactions???
Answer: The gap timing is advisable between consuming of these two medicines.
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Question: Can i take iron and folic acid tablets together?
Answer: Take folic acid tablet in the morning and iron tablet at night.
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