5 years old baby

Question: Hello , My 5 year old boy is very skinny.....he doesnt like to ear food...very fussy.....he takes 3-4 hours to finish his food which apparently I feed him......he always complains about chewing....like he cannot chew...he always keeps the food in his mouth and only chews when I get angry.......I am fed up totally........He is very short and skinny as well.. please help !!!!

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Answer: tey giving homemade pomegranate juice it help in increasing appetite. Also encourage physical activity. Reduce screen time.. give smoothies. Consult your doctor once
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Question: Hloo, I'm pregnant now but my husband doesn't treat me like a pregnant and he doesn't even showing love and care, he is behaving like asusual and his feeling is like I'm not a pregnant. He doesn't know anything about pregnancy and also how to treat a pregnant woman, if I explain also he don't have interest to listen to me. I'm feeling very lonely and I want some love and care from my husband atleast. What should I do 😢😢
Answer: Hi dear, I understand your frustration. Some men don't know what women go through in their pregnancy. They don't care to know it either. It all depends on the family culture. If husband's family is caring and loving then he also learns from them. Show him some movies/videos which protraits love & care or introduce him to your friends/family who are caring to their wives/pregnant women. More over don't get depressed if doesn't change because it may affect your child. When that little baby comes out, your will enjoy all the love & affection from it. So take care of your child in womb and give him lots of love and care and happiness. You will get it in return when the baby comes out
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Question: Gd evening mam, My son is 6 years old. But he doesn't eat food properly he never asks for food himself. I make him eat food forcefully. Besides, his length is also very short. It is only 42inches. And weight 18kg please help me what can I do?
Answer: Each kid is different and would put on weight slowly. Unless your little one is active don't worry. Healthy options include fresh vegetables and fruits, or dairy substitutes, proteins and whole-grain cereals. This type of tantrums are common in kids, you have to try and try and feed your baby. Give your baby different foods with various colors and textures, make the meal time more interesting. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hello everyone My baby is 3month old his birth weight was 2.75kg But still he is 3.5kg Giving him lactogen 1 As well as breast milk... But weight nhi bdh rha...he looking very thin..also i went tk dr he said if child is active dnt worry about weight But all my relatives are saying my son is very thin looking like malnutrition baby... M very tensed plz help me
Answer: Hi please do visit doctor asap. It's necessary to gain atleast 20gm per day for baby. I also faced same problem , I went for doc consultation. There may be different reason like poor latch, less bread milk. Or urine infection.So please be hurry and consult your paediatric.
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