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Question: Hello, my 4th month is going on, but I am suffering of low BP problem, kindly suggest what should I do?

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Answer: A normal BP reading is below 120/80 . though Low BP wont impact much but still at extreme low may create severe issues. 1. Eat a diet high in salt 2. Improve your fluid intake 3. Avoid lifting heavy object 4. You may feel dizzy after meals, try eating smaller, more frequent meals.
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    Harleen Kaur1288 days ago

    Thanks, I have gastric problem also, which creates high headache , so what type of food should i eat or precaution??? Kindly help

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Question: Hlo my 4 th month is going on, but i am suffering of high Bp problem, kindly suggest what shoud I do
Answer: High blood pressure during pregnancy doesn’t usually lead to serious problems. However, if it goes untreated, hypertension can become life-threatening for both mother and baby. It can cause problems for you and your baby during pregnancy, including preeclampsia and premature birth. Following tips can help you keep your high bp in control – • Increase your activity level and exercise more • Try to control weight gain • Cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrates • Eat less sodium, more potassium. Foods rich in potassium imclude – dairy foods, fruits (banana, oranges, apricot), fish, vegetables (sweet potato, potato, tomato, spinach) • East less of processed foods • Stop smoking & drinking • Reduce excess stress • Meditate & do yoga • Eat some dark chocolate • Eat garlic • Eat healthy high protein foods • Take proper medication as prescribed by doctor • Consider cutting back on caffeine
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Question: hii, my 30th week is going on but I am having problem of low BP now almost everyday(yesterday was 62/100) what to do ?
Answer:  Hello Due to dilation of blood vessels there is an increased circulation that causes to lower the blood pressure this can be the reason for dizziness. The doctors don't prescribe medicines until the bp lowered is serious. Avoid getting up suddenly while ur sitting or sleeping always take time. Try not to stand for long periods of time as this can cause tiredness. Eat small meals through out the day avoid long periods of starvation. Don't take hot showers or hot baths. Keep yourself well hydrated. Drink more water and wear loose fitted clothes . Hope I helped
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Question: my 6 month is going on and I am suffering itching problem all over my body. what should I do
Answer: Plz consult Dermatologist. May be happening due to liver difunctioning.
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