3 months old baby

Question: hello my 2.5 month old baby girl having orange pinkish discharge in her diaper since morning what this could be? should i be worried plz help

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Answer: Breastfeed every 1 - 1/2 hrs... if condition persists contact ur paediatrician.
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Question: I am having pain in my lower abdomen since this morning what shall i do worried alot .....plz help
Answer: Slrep on it left side n have some fruits keep eatong in some intervals n drink lots of water
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Question: My 2 months old baby passed urine in pinkish color. His diaper has pinkish shades all over. I am worried what might be the reason?
Answer: Hi, it could be due to high concentration of urine which is passed or could be due to small amount of blood in urine.if the baby is not urinating enough or if the pink colour persists, contact your doctor to get examined and get appropriate treatment.
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Question: Hello..my baby girl is of 2.5 years...what should be her weight
Answer: Hi dear, Baby of 2.5 years old should weigh 12.5 kgs atleast.
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Question: Hello..today is 10dp iui...i am having brown and pink discharge...what could this be? Plz help
Answer: It could be implantation bleeding, it should laat for some hours n it wil not be heavy flow. If it is heavy n colour is red , please consult your doctor
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