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Question: Hello mummies,my baby boy is 2months 1week old,he have gas problem,he feels alot of pain during passing stool and cries alot.i tried some exercises like tummy masaage n cycling n give colinol drops.no use of all of this n im much worried about this.so,please suggest me...

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Answer: Hi dear it is very normal for a 2 month old baby to face acidity Reflux issues or colleague pain are few of the common problems that the baby's face now you have mentioned that you have already tried giving tummy massage and exercises at 17 days you need to keep on doing I mean you cannot do it for one or two days or when the baby is feeling uncomfortable you need to make it a habit to do on a daily basis honestly their medicines do not work because the baby is too small now and it is better to not give medicines tbough they are safe and your pediatrician prescribes but it is better to cure the problems naturally now in spite of giving the massages etc. the condition is not improving please keep the baby upright for around 20 to 25 minutes post each feed and babies make an arrangement with the baby can be laid on the bed with the high a little slightly raised and the body a little slanting the way if a baby sleeps on the lap, after all hits of phase is it is going to go away soon so please hang in there.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My bbay is 25 days old...from past 2 days he is aufferong from gastric problm too much while passing gas he cries alot or wjen pasaea stool pla auggest some remedy
Answer: After every feed make sure you burp your baby so that gastric problem can be controlled, another way is you can make cycling exercise for baby legs so that gas can be released easily.. stools should not be hard and it should not have blood in it, if that's the case please consult doctor
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Question: Hi my baby is not passing stool since 5days..while feeding he is crying alot. he is farwding also.because of gas his tummy may b paining & he is crying alot.what to do for his pain relief. please answer.
Answer: It is absolutely fine if the baby does not poop for even about 8 days.Baby's metabolism will keep changing for few months before it gets regular.If it continues for few more days u may want to try massaging your baby's tummy with warm oil.It will definitely help. but you are saying that he is crying uncontrollably , As you know the baby has just entered the new world!his tiny immature GIT needs time to adapt to the sudden feeding sessions and breast milk/formula milk and other changes.Try these tips:Hing paste-hing and water (boil it together) and apply around navel are in circular motion. Massage tummy with warm oil daily for 5 mins, Leg exercises by holding your baby's legs and moving them in cycling motion, Burp-holp your baby,with head on shoulder and slowly pat his back for 15-20 mins atleast-even if he burps in first few minutes Make sure you feed your baby at slightly elevated angle These tips should definitely help your baby and prevent further gas problems
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Question: I am a breastfeeding mother to a 1.5 month old baby boy. My son hasn't pooped for the last two days, i tried cycling exercise and also gave him tummy time. He is also releasing gas but unable to poop.What could be the reason?? He is drinking milk whenever he is hungry and also passing urine from time to time.
Answer: Normally breastfeeding baby's pass without pooping for two weeks.... If baby's is both breastfeeding n formula feeding.. Then he has to pass daily....
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Question: My baby suffers from difficulty in passing gas every alternate day or at an interval of three days. He cries a lot and at the end we use suppository to relieve him. I do tummy time, cycling and all the other things which are told as a preventive measure but everything goes in vein. Kindly help if possible.
Answer: Hi dear, Babies can be pretty gassy. It’s common for them to pass gas 13-21 times each day! Infants have plenty of chances to swallow air Try these steps to prevent and ease the pain of gas Check feeding position. When you’re nursing or bottle-feeding, try to keep the baby’s head higher than her stomach, That way, the milk sinks to the bottom of the stomach and air goes to the top, and it’s easier to burp out and use a nursing pillow for support. Burp your baby. One of the easiest ways to ease gas pains is to burp her/him during and after she/he nurses. If she/he doesn’t belch right away, lay her down on her back for a few minutes and then try again. Change sides : switch to a slower-flow nipple, Work it out. Gently massage your baby, pump her legs back and forth (like riding a bike) while she’s on her back, or give her tummy time (watch her while she lies on her stomach). A warm bath can also help her get rid of extra gas. 
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