Few days old baby

Question: hello moms..my 4 month son have fever,started before 2 days..i consulted a paediatrician yesterday..he gave paracetamol syrup..but till no changes .. his head is very heat..am fear of it..today is sunday so children pecialists leave.. my son is laughing and swimming actively..but his mouth,head,neck is heavy heavy heat..what can i do frnds?what is the reason of the extra heat.. pls help me

1 Answers
Answer: Give paracetamol drops and check today. If fever persist or the temprature is more than 102 F then consult ith ur pediatrician immediately. As he s 4 months old breast feed him vry often bcoz they may dehydrated soon due to fever. When baby s sleeping put a wet cloth on head which wil absorb the heat.