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Question: Hello moms my 1st week pregnancy test after my IVF embroys transfer was positive and I'm waiting for my second week .. Today morning suddenly it was unknowingly I was just slightly hit by mom leg on left side of my stomach... To b frank I didn't feel any hurt or pain... Pls let me know does it affect anything

Answer: To be frank if it was a slight hit it should not affect the baby. As baby is even less than a centimetre and is well surrounded bu fluids so don't worry. But as the baby grows so take care of such incidents. Hope this helps and all the best.
Answer: Hi,relax dear I can understand your concern but don't worry at all nothing will happen by this As it was very mild and as you said it dint even pain you than don't worry at all .just take good care if yourself.
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Question: Hi, i am 16 week pregnant. I was sitting on bed and suddenly dropped medicine strip and unknowingly bent forward and picked it. Pls tell me if my baby can get hurt by this?
Answer: Hello! Don't worry, your baby is safe and is surrounded by the amniotic fluid which saves it from all shocks. But avoid bending as it is not good for you. It can cause pain in back which might turn to be severe. Hence, be a little careful. Take care
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Question: Hi moms I had 2 embroys transferred a week before n first week hcg test came out positive n I'm waiting for 2nd week day before yesterday I was having severe cramps in lower abdomen n back pain but now it s completely stopped n I feel very normal... I'm really worried n feel that something might go wrong.... Pls help me
Answer: Hi,don't worry it is ok ,take good rest and eat well Nit everyday you will feel the same symptoms dear so don't worry about that . All the best
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Question: I did not know I was pregnant for last week. Just missed my period 2 days back and test are positive. My last month was very hectic stressful and with high travelling ? Does it affect my baby health ??
Answer: Hi dear dont worry as mostly we don't know about our pregnancy in first month and at that time baby is so small that it wouldn't harm ur baBy. Make sure visit ur doctor in 7th week to get ur first ultrasound done to get assured with baby heartbeat and yolk sac which viable scan and it will helps to confirm ur Pregnancy.
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