38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello moms, mera kal se 39 week start ho jayega ....mujhe pichle 2 3 din se din bhar me 2 3 bar jelly jaisa half spoon k karib white discharge ho rha h....kya ye labour start hone k pre symptom hai???ya ye mucus fall hai ya kuch or....plzzz reply???

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Answer: The mucus plug accumulates at the cervix during pregnancy. When the cervix begins to open wider, the mucus is discharged into the vagina and may be clear, pink, or slightly bloody. Labor may begin soon after the mucus plug is discharged or one to two weekslater.
Answer: yes it's one of the symptom .U may go into about in 5-6 days.All d best.Happy motherhood:)
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    Rani Rai900 days ago


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Question: Hello moms, mera 38 weeks pregnant....aj mrng se mujhe jelly jaisa white discharge ho rha h.....av tk aisa nhi hua tha kv.. av ko half spoon k karib discharge hua h jelly jaisa....aisa kyu ho rha h..plzz reply...kya ye symptoms labour k pahle k h???
Answer: Hello! yes ye early labour sign ho skta hai..you should talk to your doctor.
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Question: Mujhe aaj subah se white jelly jaisa discharge ho raha hai to kya ye amniotic fluid hai ya koi aur prblm ki wajah se hai plzzz koi batayga??
Answer: Almost all women have more vaginal discharge in pregnancy. This is quite normal. During pregnancy, the increase in discharge helps prevent any infections travelling up from the vagina to the womb. ... In the last weekor so of pregnancy, it may contain streaks of sticky, jelly-like pink mucus. Its a sign that your cervix is dilating.
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Question: Hello frnds, mera 39 week running hai,pichle hafte 2 4 din jelly jaisa white discharge hua tha...or ab kal se aisa lg rha h ki jaise almost tym half spoon k karib discharge ki wjh se panty hamesa gili rah rhi h...but ye discharge white nhi h.... transparent sa h....samjh nhi aa rha h ki urine leakage hota h ya fir koi or reson h...plzz help me??? aisa lgta h half or 1 spoon k karib pani se gili h panty
Answer: Hello!This type of discharge usually means that your mucus plug has started to come out of your cervix. This is a normal sign that you are nearing the end of pregnancy.
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Question: gud mrg 3-4 din se Thoda Thoda water discharge ho raha hai, or yellow color ka Kuchh jelly jaisa vaginal discharge ho raha hai, it's normal, ya labor pain start hone wala hai
Answer: Gm... It's normal... Apko itching wagera ho raha Hai Kya?
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