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Question: Hello moms ....just wanted to knw my babies 6month just started from yesterday... n we are going by flight wat should i keep in my hand for her to give...n handbag wat we can carry for infant..... as i hve two flight wil reach home at evening at 6 ...n i am livng from my home at mrng 7 ..me n baby traveling Alone......plssss tel me

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Answer: Ear plugs were u get
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Question: Hi, my baby is 8 nd half month old.. sterday night we were traveling in train in 3rd AC.. she had severe cold since sterday evening.. and at night around 1 o clock she had temperature... I had p-125 and thermometer in my suitcase.. but we didn't use it... she had severe cold and was desperately wanted to sleep in my hands not the cradle we put.. so most of the time I was having her.. we were soo worried about her cold not fever.. she was empty stomach... she didn't eat anything since before day 6:30 pm... so we thought it's not ok to give paracetamol in empty stomach.. we thought once we reach home we will give her something and give paracetamol... but in the morning before we get down from train I was feeding her suddenly she got fits.. she started shaking her body..and her eyes went up.. my husband took her running to the entrance to show her in the sun light I started rubbing her feet.. then she became ok... this all happened within 1 min.. we took her directly to the doctor.. they said nothing to worry for now but don't make this happen again.... we are really worried that it will affect her future.. will she get dis in the future? is it possible? wat we can do to avoid it? please help.. ASAP.. Note: she was a healthy baby and never had fever or cold before...
Answer: Hi, I can understand your concern. If your baby is fine now then most likely your baby had got simple febrile convulsions. These are simply fever related fits. They can occur till the age of 6 years during fever. But definitely not with every spike of fever. They don't have any future consequences and usually doesn't require treatment except to reduce the fever. So in case of fever in future, don't wait to give paracetamol in any case except baby is convulsing. If fever is high then sponge the baby along with paracetamol. Always carry thermometer and paracetamol with you. In case of convulsions, don't put anything in baby's mouth not even medicine. Turn the baby left and allow them to throw convulsion. Visit doctor after the convulsion. Please don't worry and mainly don't panic as it worsens the situation.
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Question: Dear friends, my 7 months baby fell from bed 1.5 ft😭😭 i just keeping my eyes on him all time but still something like this happen without control. Feeling guilty as he depends on me n itsmy mistake😭😭he s nw only recovering from loose motion n now this, felt bad.i didnt tel his dad too as he will tell his home n they will thinking nt capable of taming care and ask to bring or he wil scold me. He fell from head down, i just kept pillow n went for a minute to bring his food.all things in same place only i just heard sound n he is down😭😭 i came here in confidence that i can manage alone with hubby bt things like this make me fear. Bad eyes on him as he s looking good n his dad posting pics in groups n all, he s nt believing dhrishti n all even i dono its true but my mummy,saying its there. He s normal after cried for 5 mins then he had idly. I just applied coconut oil as i cant find any lump. He is fall of hair also. Pls share anything like this happened for u too, pray for my baby
Answer: Hi dear. I understand wat your going through. I'm sure your a very good mom. Some things aren't under our control. Next time you just be a little careful. Try to keep a folding mattress on the floor from where the baby has s chance to fall.. n 7 months baby are very anxious about new things coz they have just started crawling . They try to explore stuff. So just calm down .. take care
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Question: Hi mommies, I am ftm of my 4months and 3week old baby boy. We are ebf. Will be joining back to office after completing 6months so just wanted to know how much time does babies take to except bottles when there a breast fed, I am planning to continue bf for a year and would really appreciate some useful information when should I start giving him bottle for him to get use too, which type of bottle to be used so he can accept breast as well when am available at home as I have learned from few experience moms that once we start bottle they start rejecting feeds from breast. Also some tips on sterilising bottles and storing breast milk.
Answer: Hello! Being a ftm it is normal that there are lot of queries which arise in mind. I really appreciate you for thinking of breastfeeding for 1 year inspite of working. Breastmilk expressed can stay for 4 hours in room temperature, 24 hours in fridge and till 6 months in freezer. Hence, would suggest you to start building stock from now onwards. You get sterilised packets and bottles for storing milk. After storing mark the date on it, so as to avoid confusion. Before giving it to baby thaw the milk by keeping the container in warm water. You can start giving bottle from 4th month itself. Use the slow flow nipples available, this will not cause your baby to stop direct feeding from breast. Hope have helped you. If you want to know anything, let us know. Take care
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